Name: Leon White
Education: irrelevant
Professional Background: irrelevant
Employment History: irrelevant
Religion: Christian (The rationale: Scientific Reasoning: The Catalyst for Evidence)
Interests: keyboards (piano & B-3 Hammond organ) and photography (nature scenes & old buildings)

Personal Experiences with Inventions

I own four U. S. patents. I took trips in the United States for meetings with manufacturers for productions. To my disappointment, they concluded that the inventions were too expensive to produce. I also traveled as far as Taiwan to see if production there was feasible. The manufacturers there also concluded that they were not.

I subsequently became familiar with the Internet and connected with representatives in foreign companies that had planned trips to the United States. They agreed to meet with me if I came to their respective destinations, which I did. The trips were futile.

Given that my budget would not sustain travelling I continued my quest by looking for manufacturers on the Internet. However, I had to ultimately decide whether to hang on or let go of my pursuit. Given the time, money, and energy invested thinking of abandoning my quest was difficult. I ultimately decided to really let go: truly let it go. At that point, I had exhausted virtually all of my financial resources. In addition to being depleted financially, the 2008 economic tailspin forced to me to do a major downsize, which compounded the emotional affects from abandoning the aforementioned pursuit.

Necessity, the Mother of Inventions and the Father of Entrepreneurs

I became a frequent user of the Internet for other purposes. The more I used the Internet I began to notice the amount of time I was spending on it and still not finding objects of my searches. At some point, I realized the commonality between search engines and other keyword based directories. Namely, keywords generally produced numerous pages of results wherein listings beyond the first page have decreasing potential for visibility.

The introduction of sophisticated search engine optimizers (SEO) undoubtedly accomplish higher rankings in results for well-funded businesses. But, there is still a problem with the ranking. Namely, it is mathematically impossible for the highest paying client on each of the top 100 SEO’s to be displayed in the top 50 search-results.

Aspects of the Patent Pending Fifth Invention

  • It could excel in providing businesses visibility regardless to where they rank numerically.
  • The beta version would be inexpensive to develop in comparison to popular mediums.
  • It would be the most cost-effective for businesses and time saving for surfers.
  • It is too simple for competitors to imitate by reverse engineering
  • The primary market would be small businesses of which 95% do not have websites.

Why small businesses would be the targeted market

They are neither willing to embrace the accumulative expenses for having websites, the costs for search engines, and the optional costs for search engine optimizers, nor would they incorporate shipping & handling into their operations. Small business proprietors in general have one primary interest: servicing their respective local markets.

Proprietors that saw a demo of the patent pending application said that they would subscribe to it.  The differences between it and other popular mediums convinced them of the greatest potential for visibility.

The strategy for financing the invention

Please see INTELLIVENTOR Deferring Investors to Gain Leverage. It could be tantamount to the old cliche: “one step back and two steps forward”. It could result in the INTELLIVENTOR’s retention of controlling interest in her/his company: comparable to “Delayed Gratification”.

My ultimate goal: the mission (the big picture)

Given the simplicity of the new medium and the potential market my objective is to start a company that could ignite Renaissance in Corporate America, i.e., change its mind-set by demonstrating how it could accomplish the following:

  • increase in profitability
  • create new jobs with job-security
  • effect an economic rebound with long-term viability
  • motivate students to excel to become world renown innovators

Two experiences that I believe to be miraculous convince me that succes is inevitable. I hope to motivate other American citizens to have comparable objectives: see About You. Collectively, we could bring down the Wall Street bull.

Lastly, I did not disclose my educational and professional backgrounds because they have no relevance to my current invention. Likewise, an idea that you have my be outside the realm of your background.  Ignorance could be your greatest asset as it was with me.  It could cause you to think outside the box and lead you to something that geniuses in your idea’s field are too intellectual to perceive.  So, DON’T QUIT!