Outside The Box ThinkerIf you haven’t already, the objective here is to encourage you to recognize your ingenuity as leverage for strengthening your economic viability as the cost-of-living continues to increase. In addition to current rising costs, increases in food prices are predicted for 2013 because of the 2012 drought of which only time would reveal the domino effect.

Given that necessity is the mother of invention and father of entrepreneurship your ingenuity could give birth to an idea that could evolve into a million dollar business by virtue of your ability to think outside-the-box when necessity demanded it.

  • PROOF: Remember when you modified/created something (usually very simple) to make a job easier or to complete it.

  • FACT: If the innovation worked for you, it would also work for others.

  • FACT: If it were patented, copyrighted, and/or trademarked, and sold for $1.00 profit per sale to just ½ of 1% of the consumer-population (18 and older), it could generate $1,172,820 in sales.

The bottom line is that you have the God given intelligence to be an inventor. Thus, you too are innately an INTELLIVENTOR regardless to your academic background. Your education may be a contributing factor, but it’s mainly your inherent ability to think outside-the box.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” Albert Einstein

NEVER doubt the potential of the simplest idea. Simple ideas have changed the world. One could be yours. It could be the beginning of a company of which you would ultimately be the CEO. It may therefore be beneficial to you to resurrect an old idea or pursue a recent one.


Firstly, NEVER submit an idea to an organization advertising in publications nor on TV or radio. The presenters may sound 100% sincere and honest. However, a big company offering big $bucks to betray YOU might persuade her/him to accept the offer. You would NEVER know it until your invention is marketed. The burden (providing proof and having the budget) would then be on you to successfully prosecute your case in court.

Secondly, NEVER rely on “patent-it-yourself” materials. There is absolutely NO SHORTCUT for the patent process. As an old country says, “your longest way around may be your quickest way home”.

If you proceed without an attorney, the pitfall would likely be your response to the USPTO’s “first office action”. This action is almost guaranteed and is typically the rejection of an application because of patents cited that should be compared to the idea in the application and because of the language not conforming to the USPTO’s specifications as common when not written by patent attorneys.

Patent attorneys know the language specifications and the laws governing the patent process. An attorney’s use of just one word or sentence that may not make sense to you could be the determining factor in obtaining a patent number.

Conclusively, your reliance on do-it-yourself materials could consequently cause you to forfeit your idea. If you ARE NOT a patent attorney, you DO NOT know the law: REFER TO A PATENT ATTORNEY LAW FIRM. (CLICK HERE to see how to insure obtaining a reputable law firm that would even be monitored to assure that it provides you optimal legal services.)

FYI: Making just one sale of an item that is intended to be a patented invention DISQUALIFIES it forever from being patented.


Visit the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Read about the type of patent applications. Become knowledgeable of the Utility Patent Application and especially the Provisional Application for Patent.

A Provisional Application IS NOT a patent and is effective only for 365 days. Its basic intent is to prove the date of concept and would be referenced on the Utility Patent Application.

If a Provisional Application is filed and you DO NOT have the funding to file a Utility Patent Application, the intent of the Provisional application CANNOT be applied to the Utility Patent Application. Therefore, get an attorney’s advice for how to protect the date of concept for your idea until you are certain of having the funding for the Utility Patent Application.

I highly recommend buying the movie, Flash of Genius. It’s the true story about Robert Kearns who personally and successfully defended himself and won a law suit against Ford’s motor car company for stealing his invention.

Remember, Kearns had no legal background but was one man against the auto-giants’ battalion of high-priced attorneys. The strength of his defense was the records that he kept. Therefore, get an attorney’s directives for how to protect your idea until you are certain of having the finances by the time the Provisional Application expires in 365 days.


My conviction is that when one conceives an idea for an invention her/his psyche is infused with the “how to’s”. It would be a step-by-step process. The success of each succeeding step would be dependent on maximizing the potential for the previous step.

It is not uncommon for inventors/entrepreneurs to sooner or later appeal to investors for funding to expand their businesses. Should that time come just be aware that they would likely want more stock in your company than you may be willing to give up. See what is suggested in INTELLIVENTOR Deferring Investors to Gain Leverage.

Be be very careful with whom an idea is shared to avoid opinions that may be discouraging. The reason is that no one could experience the totality of what you did when you conceived the idea and therefore could NEVER fully comprehend it from your perspective.

Evidence that you are sharing an idea with the wrong person would be your psyche sensing an uneasiness. DO NOT override it! You would likely experience the equivalent to a draining or disabling affect.

If the idea does not come to fruition, DO NOT be discouraged. The experiences gained would be stepping stones to the one that ultimately will come to fruition. It may be an improvement on the first idea or one better.

“Quitters NEVER win and winners NEVER quit” (Vince Lombardi). The persons referenced in INTELLIVENTORS Conquers Adversity are proofs. If discouragement or frustration brings you to the point of quitting, ask yourself if you would be willing to live with wondering what would have happen had you continued . . .

  1. I’ve been there!
  2. I know the anguish!
  3. I persevered when it seemed useless! (See About Me.)

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Given the aforementioned PROOF and two FACTS, if you have not already considered them, I would dare say that your mind is stretched by a new idea for leveraging your ingenuity to insure your economic viability.

If presently you do not have an idea for an invention but you want to generate finances for other reasons, you may find that the proposal for those with ideas is also a fit for you: CLICK HERE. You may even find the entire text informative and good for future reference.


The EFFECTS of KNOW before NO could be infinitely better than
AFFECTS of NO before KNOW.