The six videos below comprise the [approximately 1-hour] movie, “Inside The Meltdown”, which depicts the progression of the economic meltdown.  It discloses that blatant lies told by corporate executives on Wall Street precipitated long-term global economic consequences.

The meltdown has perpetuated fear amongst the working-class: receptionists to executives and entrepreneurs. Unemployment soared for which we know the consequential effects, especially with the real estate market and the automobile industry. Job security and hopes of financially secured retirements have virtually become dreams of the past.  Employment is reportedly on the increase in 2012.

A cliche says something to the affect that 5% of the people make things happen, 10% of the people watch things happen, and 85% of the people wonder what happened.  Corporate America’s statisticians know that this is basically true.  Corporate America also knows that it is loaded with employees that would rather complain than be innovative and therefore feels no immediate threats from them.

What corporate America is perpetrating on its employees would diminish their long-term economic viability. For example, November 20, 2010 New York Times reports that profit making companies have begun adopting the unfair two-tier wage system: new hires being paid about 50% of veteran workers’ wages. It’s evidence of profit at the expenses of employees.

Companies given to this injustice would likely contrive ways of keeping new employees at lower wages indefinitely. They are also likely to devise ways to systematically reduce the wages of veteran employees: profit at the expenses of employees again.

If the two-tier system becomes widespread, workers would have 50% less wages to survive an ever escalating cost of living and virtually nothing to save toward retirement years. It would ultimately eradicate the middle class. To verify the increase in companies adopting and contemplating the two-tier system, Google  the following phrase: two tier wage system 2012.

Consider that the following general expenses would be equal for both new hires and veteran workers alike:

  1. mortgage/rent (property taxes and utilities)
  2. automobile (payment, fuel, and maintenance)
  3. insurances (health, property, and automobile)

Escalating Cost-of-livingCorporations are making future plans based on the statistics for life expectancy and retirement ages of veteran workers. When they are gone and the lower wages remain in effect the ever-escalating cost-of-living could ultimately dictate for two or more employees (and their families) to equally share the same residence, vehicle, and associated expenses.

The video below is depicts a growing concept for sharing automobiles. Regardless to how environmentally friendly it’s reported to be, the considerations for others, and etc., the bottom line is the that it’s profitable for the car owners. Sharing cars reduces the expenses for ownership:

YouTube Preview Image

The following video is reflective of the old concept of “roomers”. A roomer is one to whom a homeowner rents a room in her/his house, usually by the month. Roomer usually share bathrooms and kitchens but pay no utilities, just flat rates for rooms. However, they would pay extra if  homeowners provide meals.

It is conceivable that the volatility of our economy could necessitate the resurgence of the concept here, in the United States. Note the story of how necessities caused two guys to turn the concept into a global business under a different name, “Air BnB”:

YouTube Preview Image

Sharing automobiles are conveniences to the renters. However, residences are essentials to roomers because being homeless is their alternatives.

The aforementioned two-tier wage system could force the concept of roomers. Their savings could offset the ever increasing essential cost-of-living expenses per individual or family:

  1. groceries
  2. medical
  3. tuition
  4. apparel
  5. occasional entertainment/recreation

A threat to the middle class was published in the New York Times June 11, 2011: “Getting by Without the Middle Class“. It details how the emerging middle-class in foreign countries could virtually destroy the middle-class here. It could conceivably happen over the next five years and make the aforementioned sharings everyday realities.

The Wall Street Journal published an article on February 16, 2012 about General Motors: “General Motors Co. is freezing the pay of its 26,000 U.S. salaried employees and will eliminate its traditional pension contribution for those salaried workers who still receive them in moves to reduce financial risks and cut costs, which is a top concern among investors.

The new pension system, which goes into effect October 1, applies to workers hired before 2001. They will keep their existing pensions, but future retirement contributions will be made into a 401(k) plan. Around 7,000 workers hired after 2001 already receive retirement contributions though a 401(k) plan.”

What the article did not mention is that GM’s employees hired since 2001 do not have retirement plans. Their options are 401(k’s). What GM has done is an example of maneuvers companies make to cut costs without respect to the negative impact on its employees and then interpret the savings as profits.

The Prudential Insurance Company announced on June 2, 2012, that “Prudential signs pension transfer agreement with General Motors Co.” Retirees speculate that the amounts of their retirement checks would ultimately be less. However, the point is that General Motors would do what it deems necessary to boost its financial rating.  Only time will tell if this strategy inflicts negative consequences on retirees.

The continuing development of such scenarios and the accumulative results proves the inevitability of the birth to a new United States of America. It would have NO middle class because the two-tier wage system would ultimately become a single low paying system to which corporate America would contribute nothing to retirement funds.

Job security is virtually a thing of the past. Retirements are being deferred to the age 70.

The 2012 presidential candidates claim that they will bring jobs. However, the reality is that ONLY corporate America could create jobs. Given the low wages corporations pay in foreign countries they would have to accept lower profits to pay higher wages here, which the greater probability is that they will not.

The United States is a democracy. Consequently, neither the Democratic nor the Republican parties could impose nothing on corporate America to create jobs. Furthermore, the dissidence between the two major parties would impede the progress of any good economic policies that either one proposes. The “CHANGE” required to insure an economic rebound and its viability is to change corporate America’s mind-set. (Please see Renaissance in Corporate America.)

To total darknessThe country is ours. We have no option but to be convinced of our own individual God given abilities and maximize our potential severally and jointly. But, if we don’t and lay back and wait for camaraderie between political parties to cause them to stop criticizing each other and to truly focus on the needs of the people, total darkness will be our plight.

Each of us is an INTELLIVENTOR and therefore has the potential to develop a product/service and start a business to market it as described in YOU Are An INTELLIVENTOR, which could prove that YOU are the key to your destiny. However, businesses must have a modus operandi by which contributions would be made to our educational and economic rebounds.

Let’s make our country better by incorporating back to basics into this high-tech era. Present and future generations depend on it. Otherwise, a new United States of America is inevitable and it DOES NOT look good.

Given the disappearance of 401k’s resulting from the 2008 economic meltdown corporate America’s employees MUST have working PLAN-B’s that would have much greater returns than 401k’s could yield. The losses are harsh realities for what could happen to individuals nearing retirement ages and depend on volatile 401k’s.

The fact is that they don’t have the time to rebuild their finances with contributions from wages and therefore could face bleak futures financially. However, the GOOD NEWS is that by virtue of being an INTELLIVENTOR it’s not too late for one to prepare for her/his financially secured retirement now even if he/she is a already a retiree.

When we want to insure our personal possessions we look for a company that has the highest performance record for reliability. This gives us measured of confidence with the companies we choose. It is also coincides what the historical statesman, William Penn once said, “I know no way of judging the future but by the past.”

The defining question is where do you see yourself economically in the next five years or at retirement age? Factor into your projections what the famed scientist, Albert Einstein is noted for saying, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


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